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Many other training courses in various design applications are available on request (for example: (Adobe Illustrator,  Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom); please contact Pete.

Many training companies advertise their courses claiming to be experts in everything under the sun. You would be unlikely to get to speak to the person who will actually deliver your training course, in order to discuss your needs beforehand. Your questions will often be fielded by an administrator or manager perhaps without the relevant expertise.

It’s possible that private or bespoke tuition via bigger training organisations may work out to be more troublesome and perhaps expensive than it would be if you contacted a qualified trainer directly. My advice would be to ‘cut out the middlemen’ and get your training delivered by an approachable professional with appropriate subject knowledge, commercial experience and a relevant teaching credential. Go direct!

Buying Adobe software

In a consultancy capacity I am often asked to advise on which products to buy and so on. With this in mind here’s some useful pointers. For older Adobe Creative Suite applications This FAQ page on Adobe’s site gives a comprehensive list of questions so that before buying you can decide which version is right for you.


If you qualify for educational pricing their software is substantially cheaper.

Below is a link to Adobe’s education pages for details.


Adobe Creative Cloud

In May 2013 Adobe moved into a subscription service for its newest software, (The Creative Cloud) thus abandoning the software-in-a-box model of the past. For a monthly subscription you will always have access to the latest versions of Adobe products which can  be easily download from the Creative Cloud (CC) and installed onto your own machine. It works as before (locally on your computer). There are also still 30-day free trials available for all apps.

Here are Adobe’s prices which they are now referring to as ‘membership plans’ (Opens in a new window/tab).



I offer courses in the newer CC versions but most importantly the older versions of Creative Suite products I cover will still be supported on my training courses – (for example at time of writing- April 2016, I’m happy to run a Photoshop course in either CS5, CS6 or the newest CC version).

ACI criteria and qualification requirements

An ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) is an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) who provides expert instruction on Adobe products. To qualify as an ACI according to Adobe’s criteria I have to provide verification that I have passed relevant certification (ACE) exams and in addition possess a recognised instructor (teaching) qualification. I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Brighton which fulfills this requirement.

I offer training to the public and I operate my own training business as an independent instructor. I am not an employee of an AATC (Adobe Authorised Training Centre) but am a member of the Adobe Partner Connection Training Provider Program. You will find my name and contact details listed individually in the Adobe Training Partner Finder.

Adobe’s copyright notice

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